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We focus on accelerating the product development and product management life cycles for our clients. We provide a wide spectrum of services for these our customers based on a combination of business requirements, pre-deployed technology and its upgrade, and (most importantly) the allocated budget. True to our mission statement, our emphasis is on delivering the required functionality within the allocated timeframe using the budgeted resources.

With its extensive experience in software engineering and project management, customers can rely on our capabilities in the following areas to manage on an ongoing basis:
  • Application Development
  • Application Maintenance & Support
Our location and the available human capital enable us to offer shorter project cycles and lower costs and eliminates any resource crunch (time, effort and infrastructure) for our customers. In particular, we provide:
  • Lower costs without compromising quality
  • Faster time-to-market for your products
  • Focus on strategic priorities such as next generation products
  • Effective management of peaks and troughs at different stages of your product lifecycle
Application Development

Our approach includes a comprehensive analysis of the client needs, conducting a thorough gap-analysis and coming up with a sensible solution that will fit client requirements.
Our 3 step Methodology (ACT) involves:
We work with your team to understand your needs and goals, the competition around you and your operating environment. We then establish the project scope, budget, resources and create a detailed work plan.
Once project objectives are clearly established, we define the functional, technical, and creative requirements. We then prioritize these requirements based on specific criteria (business objectives, technical complexity, project dependencies). These are documented and refined in consultation with the customer. During the application building phase, we iteratively develop, enhance and refine the application until it works seamlessly. If required, the solution is built in a way to seemlessly integrate with your existing systems. The application then undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance process to ensure that it conforms to the business requirements.
For a period after launch, we'll monitor and analyze how the solution performs against the success criteria we defined in the Analyze phase. We also complete documentation for the project and present our suggestions on how to approach the next generation of the solution. We can also design and execute a marketing and promotion plan, conduct training sessions, or help staff your organization to support the new solution.
The typical process used in case of Application Development is:
Project Scoping Onsite ACT Methodology - Analyze
Personnel Identification Onsite/ Offsite  
Knowledge Acquisition Onsite ACT Methodology - Analyze
Project Planning Onsite  
Infrastructure Setup Offsite  
Project Plan Signoff Onsite  
Team Formation Offsite  
Project Execution Offsite ACT Methodology - Create
Testing and QA Onsite ACT Methodology - Create
Client Training Onsite ACT Methodology - Transition
We have used this process for all application development projects and are successfully maintaining/ supporting various applications from our offices in Mumbai.
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